Who We Are

Friends of the HollywoodOur mission:

To purchase the Hollywood Theater in Dormont as an independent, non-profit film theater and community center in order to combat community deterioration and serve as a key contributor to the economic vitality of both the neighborhood and the region. The theater will also function as a community resource, which will educate community members in the art of film.

Determined not to lose another single-screen theater, we are a group of community leaders, area residents, and local film lovers banded together in November 2010. The result is the Friends of the Hollywood Theater (FOHT), whose mission is to reopen the theater not only to show movies, but as a community center where the public can enjoy film festivals, concerts, and special events such as big screen viewings of sporting events and the Academy Awards. Reopening the theater will add to the vitality of the Potomac Avenue business district, Dormont, and the region.

The group’s 11-member board brings a mix of expertise in business, management, accounting, fundraising, marketing, public relations, and programming. In addition a 22-member advisory board has been formed that includes actors, marketing specialists, local business people, documentarians, film buffs, government officials, preservationists, and historians as well as representatives from Pittsburgh Filmmakers and the ToonSeum.

Our goal:

To partner and work with several local organizations and universities, including Duquesne University,Carnegie Mellon University, 10,000 Friends of Pennsylvania, 48 Hour Film Project, Horror Realm, the ToonSeum, and Keystone Oaks High School.