richRICH DALZOTTO, President
Co-owner of South Hills Financial Group (50 years in business, co-owner for 15 years), Rich has 15 years of sales, development, financial planning, and investment experience. A past president of the Upper St. Clair Jaycees, Rich has been a member of the Variety Club and the Bethel Park Rotary and is a Special Olympics volunteer. He also has been a board member of Peters Township Chamber of Commerce, and committee member of the Dapper Dan Ray Mansfield event.

ColinMatthewsCOLIN MATTHEWS, Vice President
 Originally from Johnstown, PA, Colin Matthews has worked at Giant Eagle, Inc. as an Industrial Engineer since graduating from the University of Pittsburgh in 2009. He also serves on the board for the Arts for Autism Foundation of Pittsburgh and serves as a Co-captain for the Sweet’N Low Ryders during the annual American Diabetes Association Tour De Cure (raising over $64,000). Colin is also the Founder of Steel City Secret Cinema; a local event that happens twice/year to raise money for local charities. During his free time he likes to spend time with his wife, puppy, kitten, and a round of golf every now and again.



moniqueMONIQUE FONTAINE, Secretary
Monique Fontaine grew up in Dormont, Pennsylvania.  She earned a bachelors degree in political science from the University of Pittsburgh and a certificate in accounting from Robert Morris University.  She is a financial analyst at Allegheny Valley School and is involved with several nonprofit organizations, including the Dormont Historical Society, where she serves as the secretary and Facebook page administrator, and the Dormont Democratic Committee, where she is treasurer. Monique volunteers at Dormont Day and Dormont Library and is a former Dormont Women’s Club member. She enjoys cheesy 80s movies, hair bands, and long walks on the beach.  And puppies.

M.A. Jackson grew up in the South Hills of Pittsburgh where she regularly attended the Hollywood, South Hills, and Denis theaters. She earned a bachelors degree in nonfiction writing from the University of Pittsburgh. She is currently the Senior Library Assistant at Mt. Lebanon Library. Previously she was  the associate editor at Mt. Lebanon magazine and has been a contributing writer to Carnegie Museums Magazine and The Sylvanian. During her two terms as president of the Historical Society of Mount Lebanon, M.A. successfully established a History Center and oversaw all operations of the society. She is a former Mt. Lebanon Nature Conservancy board member. She thinks every movie is better when viewed from the balcony with a big bucket of buttered popcorn!

Scott Jackson has an extensive background in management having managed services of horticultural services company, a restaurant, and several office supply companies. He is a Buffalo State College, grad.  When not at the theater, Scott can be found at a Pittsburgh Pirates game, drinking beer, reading Kurt Vonnegut books, or watching Jim Jarmusch films.


KEVIN KOONTZ  kevinKevin is currently pursuing his BS in Industrial Engineering at the Univerity of Pittsburgh’s Swanson School of Engineering, hoping to graduate and be well-employed by August 2014. He enjoys working on machinery, fixing and improving almost anything, refurbishing computers, organizing wires, using Magic Erasers on everything, exploring seldom-seen spaces, chasing trolleys, collecting old and new technology, and making his Jeep as ridiculous as possible. Although strung extremely thin, Kevin likes to relax by making improvements to the theater, whether they be seen or unseen, and researching and documenting its unique timeline. If there’s a free hour in the day, chances are he’ll be at the Hollywood.

Gwendolyn is a science fiction, fantasy, and horror writer. Her genre editorials appear regularly on and Micro-Shock, and she contributes articles to the paranormal-themed The Occult Section and the travel site, I Heart Stark. With a background in screenwriting and playwriting, she has written and directed several feature-length films, and her plays have been produced as part of the Big Read, a program of the National Endowment for the Arts. A native of Ohio, she currently resides in the wilds of Pennsylvania with her husband, Bill.

Lester Pyle is Director of Systems and Administration in the Institutional Advancement Office at the University of Pittsburgh. A native of Illinois, Minnesota, and North Dakota, Lester finds Pennsylvania inexplicably topographical. He’s Star Wars vs Battlestar, Kelly’s Heroes vs The Green Berets, and Connery vs Craig. Lester thinks the only thing better than a tall Diet Pepsi, a big bag of popcorn and a movie at the Hollywood is a long drive in his ’65 Mustang Fastback.


Helen, the president and founder of RESULTS UNLIMITED UNIVERSAL, LLC, has been actively involved in the entertainment and promotion industries for over 20 years. Raised in a family-owned entertainment business, Helen had direct contact with top advertising and promotion professionals in the industry from an early age, prior to receiving a business administration and economics degree from Westminster College. Her background and experience as a presenter, special events coordinator, promotion/publicity agent and representative for independent motion picture producers in Hollywood and New York has enabled her to establish an extensive network throughout the promotion and entertainment world. In addition, Helen has developed two presentations – LYDIA, The First Female Entrepreneur and WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO MICKEY MOUSE?, about the movie industry and the film rating system.

jessicaJESSICA WINTER-FRANKLIN  is an industry expert in Human Resources, Business Development, and Marketing. Her experience in business ranges from global manufacturing, to software development and providers, to online retail, and the music industry. Using her Communications and Theater background, she started in Marketing in California and moved into HR on the east coast, also working in Europe and the UK.  A specialist in Talent Management and Organizational Development, she helps companies engage their employees and foster an environment of motivation and openness.  A lifetime lover of theater, film, and music, she brings her skills to The Hollywood to contribute to the success of a fantastic theater in her beloved neighborhood, and favorite city in the world (sorry, Paris).

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