Rent the Theater

The Hollywood Theater is available to rent by the general public for parties for all ages; corporations and businesses for seminars; film and art associations for film festivals; and local organizations for fundraisers. Please contact us if you are interested in renting the Hollywood for your next event at or download a form, fill it out and email or snail mail it to the theater. Please note that all prices, fees, and surcharges are subject to change at any time.

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Rental Agreement Alcohol Agreement FAQ



HappyBirthday_Cake_candles_Flickr_tsandSaturdays and Sundays:
- $300 for the theater and a screening (you supply dvd or bluray)
- $2.50 per person for a small soda and small popcorn
- Rental includes 4 hours between 9am and 4pm which must include set-up and tear down*
- E-mail for more information.
*Note that your party can perform basic clean-up to avoid the cleaning fee, which is $50 extra


Base Commercial Rental Fee (4 hours total, incl. set-up, tear-down, vacate)
Commercial Rate (Monday-Wednesday): $350
Commercial Rate (Thursday-Sunday Morning or Afternoon): $400
Commercial Rate (Friday-Sunday Evenings): $600 from 5 to 9pm or 9pm to 1am, or $900 full evening
– Add a $50 cleaning fee to all events, or you can perform basic clean-up to avoid the fee

Base Nonprofit Rental Fee (4 hours total, incl. set-up, tear-down, vacate)
Nonprofit Rate (Monday-Wednesday): $250
Nonprofit Rate (Thursday-Sunday Morning or Afternoon): $300
Nonprofit Rate (Friday-Sunday Evenings): $500 from 5 to 9pm or 9pm to 1am, or $800 full evening
– Add a $50 cleaning fee to all events, or you can perform basic clean-up to avoid the fee

Extra Fees
Overtime (>4 hours): $100 per hour scheduled / $150 unscheduled (pending availability)
Projectionist, DVD or BluRay: No extra charge
Projectionist, 35mm: $200 per performance
Copyright Fee for Film Exhibition: Separate charge

Please refer to the Rental Agreement for full details.


Wait, you mean we can rent the beautiful and historic Hollywood Theater for our special event?
 Yes, you can! Independent film premieres, birthday parties, bar and bat mitzvahs, pageants, holiday parties, fundraisers and more happen at the Hollywood Theater every month.

What does it cost?
A fee schedule can be found in the Rental Agreement .pdf above. Prices vary by day and time. We book events in four-hour blocks. It is possible to reserve more time, but usually not less.

Can we bring in outside food?
You may choose to either have us keep our concession stand open (and we keep 100% of the profit), or it can be closed. And yes, you may bring in outside food or even have your event professionally catered. Note that if you will have over 75 attendees there is a $75 fee for an extra trash pick-up by our trash company.  If you have your event catered, please note that their arrival, set-up and tear-down times must be specified in the rental agreement.

Can we have alcohol at our event?
The Hollywood does not have a liquor license and cannot serve alcohol. While we do allow BYOB for our regular events with strict guidelines, we do not permit BYOB for rentals because of liability issues. However, you can have alcohol at your event by obtaining your own insurance and a 24-hour license. See Alcohol Agreement for more information.

What if we need more light or a sound set-up ?
If you need more than the ambient house lights or more than our small PA system with two microphones, we suggest you hire a company to provide it, or bring your own. There are numerous companies in Pittsburgh that you can find on-line. Please keep in mind that set-up and tear-down of any equipment by you or outside companies must be completed within the times specified on your rental agreement. See the next question.

What if I may need more than four hours including set up or to tear down?
Because we rent the theater out for other events, have other films programmed, and have staff on according to a strict schedule, you must plan your event well and ensure you have enough help to stay within the times specified on the rental agreement. We cannot let you in earlier than the agreement specifies, nor can we hold up other scheduled events if you are running behind. If you run over your allotted time you may be billed up to $450 for loss of programming on our part. If you are not sure you will have enough time for set-up, the event, and tear-down, please consider renting the theater for the entire evening for not much more money, or plan and pay for an extra hour or two as part of the rental agreement.

What movies can we show?
If your event is open to the public and you wish to show a movie you must pay a copyright fee, usually ranging from $250-$350, and you may be required to provide a dvd or bluray copy for projection. We can research titles and book films for you. If your event is private, please consult us on what you wish to show.

Can we bring balloons and hang up a banner?
You can use latex balloons in the lobby, but not in the auditorium (see balloon wrapped around one of our ceiling fans). If you need to hang up a banner, please ask our staff to help you. Regular tape ruins our paint, so we use special tape. We also ask that you don’t use confetti or anything we’ll be vacuuming up for months to come. Please note that the balcony is closed for children’s parties, as they are inevitably interested in peering over the edge.

I see in the agreement that we must help with cleaning, or be charged extra. What does that involve?
In order to avoid being charged a cleaning fee you will have to help clean the auditorium of loose cups, spilled popcorn, and other trash. Liquid spills will need mopped. Trash must be carried to our dumpster. If the lobby needs vacuumed, be prepared to help with that as well. We can provide all the brooms, bags, mops, and cleaning supplies you need to make the place look great after your event. We’ll take care of the bathrooms, though!

Can we play a CD or perform live music?
Just like films, most music is copyrighted and must be cleared prior to playing it publically. For live performances we require that only original music be played (no covers), or that songs be in the public domain.

How do we promote our event?
If our patrons haven’t heard of your film or event, they won’t come. You will need to create a marketing plan to reach out to local press, get on the radio, hang up posters and fliers, find partners, and any other way you can find to spread the word. The Hollywood will list your event on our printed calendar (if provided by time of release); hang a 24×40 theatrical poster in our poster case the week of your event (you provide), or 11×17 posters in our lobby two weeks prior (you provide); list your event name (limited text0 on our marquee in three days prior to your event; will mention your event at least twice on our Facebook page (if you push a post at us); and list the title and time of your event in our regular weekly ad in City Paper.

Where can we park?
Any metered space in Dormont is free after 6pm Monday to Saturday, and free all day on Sunday. There are meters along Potomac Avenue, and three metered public lots within two blocks of the theater – one on Espy Ave., and two adjoining lots between Glenmore Ave. and W. Liberty Ave. North Way Dormont Church may sometimes allow use of its lot if it’s not in use. To inquire about their lot, please contact them directly at (724) 935-6800.